1.8 – The One With The Party

 So, I’m pretty sure this is about to become my favourite post. Like not even kidding. It should be great. I don’t even wanna hang around on this. Last time stuff happened. That’s literally it.




Time for Ella to become a Young Adult! So I thought that would be the perfect time to throw a huge party. Well, not huge. Just more than the normal two – or none at all – guests.

Who’s the first to show up? My simself. Way to be unrealistic, me, you should’ve been the last one.

Livy: I literally created you, Ella.

Florin: Why was I invited to this?



 DOM! My precious baby Dom :’)

Dom: It’s been a while. Come back to our legacy.

Maybe some day.



 Ella decided to go outside and entertain everyone with her guitar. It was generally well received.

Jessica: Hi, Ella!

Dom: I am asleep on my feet.

Balboa: Who are you, again?

Sean: I literally want you to die.

Bimble: Dat ass.

Florin: Again, why am I here?



Gabby: I’m a bit late, but being rebellious I couldn’t possibly be on time.

Balboa: I’m so great. Too hot, hot damn.

Sean: This isn’t as good as my wedding that Story Progression forced upon me. Will I be invited to Ella’s wedding?

Florin: Am I really needed here? Guys? Anybody?

Jessica: Must remember to check on my seeds when I get home. Dom, remind me – Dom?




Sean: *mentally reminiscing about his wedding*

Balboa: Who’s this freak?



THE HARGROVES MADE IT! My heart is so happy.

Sim!Livy: I’m surrounded by my own creations. I’m a little bit scared.

Jessica: You wrote our stories. Hell, you’re even writing this one. You could make us say anything.

Gemma: I’M LATE!



Oh, my precious Scott ❤

Scott: Gemma, I love yooou!

Gemma: If you ignore him, he’ll go away.

Lori: This isn’t my party, get out of my face.



Nobody could ever possibly tell that I created these two sims, right?



Nearly everyone had a meltdown over Balboa. I literally don’t know why.


He’s wearing pyjama bottoms as normal clothes! Wait – I do that. Never mind.

Dom: That guitar is fascinating.

Ella: This is my party, guys. Stop neglecting me.



Sim Livy was a little too over-enthusiastic about applauding Ella’s ‘show’.

Livy: I just really like guitarists, okay!?

Dom and Jessica: *cheering*

Balboa: Well that was disappointing.

Sean: *hated by everyone*



Balboa: Wait, who invited Florin!?

Florin: We arrived together.

Eyes front, Jessica! You’re married! To my past heir and precious Dom.



Lori: Ella, how could you skip school for your own birthday party!?

Ella: Chill! School doesn’t matter any more!

Lori: School doesn’t MATTER!?

Florin: I feel like I shouldn’t be here.

This is exactly the kind of situation Florin would get stuck in at a party. Goddamnit, Florin. I very nearly just called him Floring oh dear lord.



Everybody then started bonding…

Scott: You know, I’m a huge fan of blowing things up!

Balboa: You’d have a lot in common with my sister, Lira.

Jessica just kind of hit the nail on the head when thinking about what Florin was talking about, and watching Dom and Gemma (heir and founder) talk was just disturbing.

Dom: So, you started the family?

Gemma: Yeah, I had to live with nothing.

Dom: See, my wife and I inherited the house as we’re the fifth generation. Oh, and my sister became a vampire.

Gabby: ‘Nice party – not! I’m outta here!’

And this is the point when everything seemed to happen at once.



Ella: Time to inherit the house!

Nobody’s decided that yet!

Eli: Could still be me – if Florin doesn’t break my arm with that horn thing first.

Bella: Don’t be mistaken into thinking I care, I just want that sushi.

Livy: I smell an HEIR POLL!



Outside, Jessica decided to announce her pregnancy instead of coming inside.

Jessica: Bet you can’t wait to see if this one follows the legacy, can you?



These two never left each other alone. Do I smell a bromance?



Everybody kind of lined up along that wall and starting blowing the horns simultaneously, while my simself sort of stood on and watched.

Livy: I kind of feel like God. I created all but three of the sims in this room.



Ella: Loving the new outfit!

Livy: Glad you approve.

Gemma: Woah, why couldn’t I have had cool custom content like that when I was founder!?

Dom: At least you had custom content!



I love this picture, just because Ella looks so badass, and Gemma and Dom are just looking fabulous in the background.

Ella: This shirt is the single greatest thing to exist ever.



Welcome to the clusterfuck! Of course, everybody stood around thinking about how good the party was and all trying to get out of the door at once. Next party I throw, it’s happening outside.



Ella: Hi, I’m about to take over the house, can you give me some tips?

Gemma: I thought the heirship hasn’t been decided yet?

Ella: Seriously? Have you seen the competition?

Eli: Party time!



Ella: Hey, Balboa. You’re hot.

Of course you’d pick him to find attractive.



Balboa: I really like flowers, especially the weeds, if you know what I mean.



Remember what I said about a bromance? Scott was literally standing inside the house about ten seconds after the party. I’m calling it now.



And from that moment on, this became their song.



Ella: You’re not as hot as your brother, but you’re pretty cool.

Florin: Me- I mean yeah, ice ice baby.



Ella: Did you hear, Livy married Omar Collins!

Yeah. That happened. And these two were getting on all cutely and actually building friendship really fast… and then this happened.



Balboa: I got something for you.

Florin: What did I do wrong?

Oh Florin, don’t you remember your theme song?



Ella: Oh, these smell so good! Better than oil paints!

Balboa: I know, right!?



*violins playing in the distance*



Ella: Yeah, is this city hall? I want to become a self employed painter. Why? Let’s call it ‘Wish Fulfilment’.



Seriously guys, look at this beautiful sim. Oh, she rolled nurturing as her final trait!

I’m sort of imagining her as like the ‘freewheeling art hippie’ type still, but the one who’s like making sure everyone gets home safe and stuff.



Ella: Oh yeah, look at me on my mother’s motorbike.



Ella: I’m so badass.




Okay guys, that’s it! Ella’s a young adult, Lori’s an elder, it’s time to choose your heir!

The next chapter will contain the poll and ‘Letters From The Potentials’. I saw this used once in another legacy and, well, I’m ripping it off. It’s such a good idea.

But it’s currently 2:20 in the am, and I am going to bed!

3 thoughts on “1.8 – The One With The Party

  1. Florin’s face when Boa steps in and takes over </3 Oh, how different things could have been. My heart goes out to him. (But not really, because what a loser.)

    So much fun seeing the Langurds in your legacy! Ella is gorgeous, and I'd love to see what she and Boa's kids would look like.


    • I was originally intending to have her with Florin because he’s kinda cool (who am I kidding?) and I felt sorry for him, but Ella was not having it. She built friendship sooo slowly with him and pulled that ‘do I have to?’ thing before any interaction with him. I gave it up as a bad job after the flowers thing – but Florin went on to get married (and has subsequently got remarried to somebody else) so he clearly didn’t care that much!

      Spoiler Alert – They’re super cute. And they have the best names!


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