1.7 – The One Without Roads

Yo! At the time of writing this post, I’ve finished two assignments, eight left! That sounds a lot worse than it is, only about three of those are full assignments, the others are just pieces that I failed or didn’t submit. Still don’t think I’ll get it all done but… if I work 24/7 I’ll want to murder something.

Last chapter, our teen Ella was left alone with her toddler brother for two days, which went surprisingly well in the way that nobody died and nothing burned down. Eli learned to talk and then had a birthday. Lori leveled her magic up enough that she can now cast the Sunlight Charm, and Eli became a child.

This chapter is sort of split into two parts, because I went on a download spree and reinstalled story progression!



The first thing the newly crowned Prom Queen did once she came home was sit down and have a salad.

Ella: I’ve got to keep up my queenly figure, you know.

… Who are you and what have you done with my Ella!? D:



Eli’s imaginary friend Pal is still around and kicking.

Eli: I calculate that the trajectory and forced required behind this swing should be enough to win this fight!

Way to take the fun out of things, Dino Boy.




Lori: Excuse me, but something momentous is about to go down over here!




What, you mean you ruining that poor man’s life?

Lori: Don’t be ridiculous.





Lori: I did tell you.

The first LTW scored! Lori, I love you. Three points from you so far!




Lori: I was on my way home from work when I thought, ‘Why not have my birthday now!?’

Only you, Lori. Nothing different from you going into labour with Ella on the side of the road too.




Lori: Oh, my back! And somebody get some better hair, quick!

Alright, Granny. Leave this one to me! *cracks knuckles*




Lori: Surprisingly, I like it.




Apparently I don’t have Lori’s YA hair in elder form so I had to change to this, but I still like it.

So this is it, my founder is officially an old spinster now – let the war for the position of House Head begin!




Eli: Vroom vroom!

Pal: But we’re not on a road?




Eli: Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need… roads.




Back to the easel already, I see?

Ella: If I’m chained to this thing, nobody can force me to mend a broken toilet. Plus I just rolled Renaissance Sim as my LTW so I need to max three skills asap, right?

Right! That’s my girl!




Eli: My very own lab table!? Finally, I can create the perfect potions!




Eli: *mad scientist laugh*




Ella: Woah mum, you’re old.

Lori: You may be my daughter, but I’m not above cursing you.

Joel: Don’t test her. She’s literally the most powerful witch around right now.

Ella: Alright then, Sabrina.




Ella: Ah, darkness and the smell of oil paint. My favourite things! Just give me some cake, and I promise I’ll never leave you again, Easel.

Oh, you’re back.




Eli: Just look at that fire!





Eli: I wish…

Joel: I wish you’d hurry up so I can eat some of that cake.




Ella: Did somebody say cake!?




…. What is wrong with this game?




Well, there’s something for my nightmares.




I can’t remember the trait he rolled, all I know is he’s friendly, genius, and computer whiz. I would take a wild guess at Absent Minded but… who knows.

After makeover Eli!





The literal definition of ‘late to the party’.

Lori: Where is everybody?



Lori: Check out my tan! Doesn’t it go beautifully with my silver hair?

You’re still pretty, even if you’re like 70 at this point.

THIS IS WHERE THE CHAPTER BREAKS. I went off to install some sims and some people. I threw a bunch of my old founders into the town and a couple of sims I’d made.

Dom and Jessica James from the James Legacy made their way into town, as did Gemma and Scott Hargrove from that legacy. I also moved my simself in with a random vampire sim I created one time called Gabby Fox.

Story progression immediately paired Dom and Jessica and Gemma and Scott together, making me insanely happy. I instantly adopted a cat, too. Though this made me cry as the cat had exactly the same name as my aunt who passed away two years ago 😦





Florin, Lev, and Balboa Langurd from the Dysfunkshinul Legacy!

Lev: Where did my earrings go?

I forgot to download them and now I’m too lazy to go fix that. Sorry!

Balboa: Why does my hair look awful?

Blame my computer graphics.




To get notifications about these town-wrecking sims, I needed to make friends with them. Who was better for this other than Ella?

Ella: Sup?

Florin: Why are you talking to me? You’re a girl.

Ella: Well spotted.




Ella: Why hello there!

Ella no.




Florin: I can’t watch.

Ella: I have no idea what you’re saying, I’m just staring at your face.




Sometimes I’ll see Ella’s face and be surprised by just how pretty she is…




Ella: Oh hello, Bimble. What are you doing here?

Bimble: I came over to do homework with you!




Ella: Have fun with that.




Joel: Ella, aren’t you going to introduce me?

Ella: No.

Bimble: I’m Ella’s romantic interest!

Ella: Focus on your cake, Ella. Focus on your cake.




Ella: Dear god, I’m more turned on by this cake than you.

Bimble: Well that’s rude.

Bella: Somebody is going to die.




Ella: Eli! You’re a guy, how do I get rid of this loser!? And why do you have a bacon and egg necklace on your shirt?

Eli: I don’t know anything. I’m not eating your cake. Why are you looking at me like that?




Bimble: Is everything in this house broken?

Ella: Alright, bring it, bookworm.

Eli: Wooah, Ella…




Ella: You know what? I think your hair is stupid and I only danced with you at prom because I felt sorry for you.

Bimble: That’s okay, I still love you.

Ella: No.




Bimble: We can still be friends though!?

Ella: No. Get out.





Eli: Well, I calculate you have approximately two weeks of life left. I’m going back to my chemistry station.




This is the point where I remember that teen sims are actually incredibly boring and force them to do nothing but level their skills in the hope that I’ll find something interesting for them to do with their future.




Lori seems to have gone senile, and has taken to sleeping outside her bedroom in the slug-bag.

Bella frequently joins her, but probably not out love but more out of the hope that somebody will attempt to attack the sleeping old lady and she’ll get to rip their eyes out.




Bonehilda: Heard you wanted a maid. I’m here to fuck shit up.




I was pleasantly surprised to find the Bonehilda actually doing her job!…

Until she made my game crash. Bye, bitch!




You’re not a totally bad looking sim, I guess. Too bad you’re TOTALLY BORING!

Eli: Who are you calling boring? Today I calculated just how much energy Ella uses to leave the room when somebody says ‘cake’.




Pal: Morning, Eli.

Eli: Hi Pal, my pal!

Please no.




In an attempt to make Eli interesting, I sent him over to the neighbours house (this was literally the only place I could put them without splitting them up so..) to socialise.

Eli: Faeries are so dumb, you know?

Balboa: Have you tried looking behind you?




Happy late Birthday Lori! Finally you get your motorbike! She still had that wish locked in, believe it or not.

This was a little all over the place again, my apologise! But the next chapter has the potential to be the greatest thing ever written, but there are lots of sims in it, so there’ll be few pictures and lots of talking.

And hopefully Eli will get interesting.


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